SAAC: IFC and FCD talk CoachCam

SAAC: December 23

In July, Soccer Academy Alliance Canada announced a working partnership with CoachCam. Since then, some of the academies within our membership have had the opportunity to use the app in their day-to-day soccer activities.

Frank Iaizzo of International FC (IFC) raves about CoachCam’s ability to provide video analysis to coaches/managers post-game. “[CoachCam is] a great visual tool that allows coaches and athletes to review, analyze and problem-solve training/match analytics,” Iaizzo said.

On one hand it helps coaches visualize what went wrong/right during a particular game. However, Frank also believes it helps drive player development.

“[It is] a uniquely stimulating way to enforce development principles in training/match situations. ”


On the other hand, Rocky Sasitharan, FC Durham’s Girls Director of Player Development has used CoachCam to help convey tactical decisions to his players.

“We’ve used CoachCam for a couple of months now and have completed a total of 9 different video analysis of different games. The different illustration choices allow us as coaches to convey to our players exactly what we want them to see. Using video to help our teams recognize both their technical and tactical successes and breakdowns is paramount in aiding their development. CoachCam offers a very simple approach to video analysis and we’ve gone as far as to even let our players take part in breaking down the film that we have, ” Sasitharan said.


For more information on CoachCam, please visit their website and follow them on their social feed: @sts_coachcam.



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