SAAC Partner with CoachCam

SAAC News Release:

Soccer Academy Alliance Canada is very happy to announce a working partnership with CoachCam.

CoachCam is an app that allows you to record, edit, analyze and share performance videos straight from your iPhone or iPad/Android Phone or Tablet. CoachCam was launched in November 2015 and was developed by Sport Technology Services after years working with UEFA developing technology for sports. They used their coaching base through UEFA to do some research about what coaches would like and how they would like to use it for sports technology. The resounding majority said, “simple, easy to use, quick, effective and cheap.”

Take a look at a sample video from their YouTube page:

At SAAC, we recognize that their are some players who are more prone to visual learning, and CoachCam is the perfect tool for these types of individuals to continue on their development path.

This partnership will allow some SAAC academies to have unlimited use of the app for developmental purposes. Meanwhile, CoachCam will be the official partner of SAAC’s “Photo Monday” promo on both Facebook and Twitter media platforms.

We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and hope that this is another step forward in producing more star athletes coming out of Canada, while also spreading the word about the importance of sport video analysis for development.

For more information on CoachCam, please visit their website and follow them on their social feed: @sts_coachcam.