Coaching Education

Coaching Education is a vital component of the SAAC Academy.  Just as a parent should not entrust the education, health or care of their child to an unqualified teacher, doctor or caregiver, we do not expect parents who have a serious desire to provide athletic development and soccer skills training to unqualified, unlicensed coaches.

While there are may be good quality people without licenses performing commendable work as soccer coaches in Canada, SAAC requires ALL of its coaches to be licensed and mentored by an Academy Technical Director in possession of a FIFA recognized Certification; mandatory for ALL coaches in SAAC member Academies.

Just as players must train to perform well in games, coaches must continue to train and learn new skills in order to pass along their knowledge to young players. Secondly, SAAC Coaches are people that are willing to expose themselves to different teaching styles and philosophies from other world soccer federations in order to find what works best for their players, within the boundaries set out by in SAAC Standards.

SAAC maintains a minimum licensing requirement for any Coach who will be operating a team. All SAAC Academies work with their coaches to further their development and their coaching careers.  There is always more to learn and there are endless sources of information available worldwide. SAAC promotes and connects all of its Member Academy coaches to coaching seminars on a continuous basis and hosts Coaching Conferences throughout the year.


SAAC Coaching Education Courses

SAAC Academies have a history of bringing high profile international coaches from around the world to Canada. In the past, youth academy coaches from Manchester United, FC Bayern Munich, Burnley FC and other professional clubs have shared their knowledge and experience with Canadian coaches.  SAAC and its members will continue to bring these coaches from abroad to expose our players and coaches to advanced technical development programs.

SAAC Minimum Licensing Requirements

Soccer Academy Alliance Canada endorses the following courses as minimum requirements for Academy team coaches:

Coaching Matrix