#SAACGameOfTheWeek July 15-16


This Week’s #SAACGameOfTheWeek features a U20M T2 match at St. Joan of Arc HS!

International FC (1-7-0) vs. FC Durham Blue (1-5-2)

Kickoff starts bright and early at 9 a.m. this Saturday July 15th! This is the first meeting of the year between the two teams.

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Soccer Academy Alliance Canada is proud to announce #SAACGameOfTheWeek!

#SAACGameOfTheWeek will showcase one game that will have live tweets and in-game updates as an attempt to further promote the talent around our league!

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SAAC: IFC and FCD talk CoachCam

SAAC: December 23

In July, Soccer Academy Alliance Canada announced a working partnership with CoachCam. Since then, some of the academies within our membership have had the opportunity to use the app in their day-to-day soccer activities.

Frank Iaizzo of International FC (IFC) raves about CoachCam’s ability to provide video analysis to coaches/managers post-game. “[CoachCam is] a great visual tool that allows coaches and athletes to review, analyze and problem-solve training/match analytics,” Iaizzo said.

On one hand it helps coaches visualize what went wrong/right during a particular game. However, Frank also believes it helps drive player development.

“[It is] a uniquely stimulating way to enforce development principles in training/match situations. ”


On the other hand, Rocky Sasitharan, FC Durham’s Girls Director of Player Development has used CoachCam to help convey tactical decisions to his players.

“We’ve used CoachCam for a couple of months now and have completed a total of 9 different video analysis of different games. The different illustration choices allow us as coaches to convey to our players exactly what we want them to see. Using video to help our teams recognize both their technical and tactical successes and breakdowns is paramount in aiding their development. CoachCam offers a very simple approach to video analysis and we’ve gone as far as to even let our players take part in breaking down the film that we have, ” Sasitharan said.


For more information on CoachCam, please visit their website and follow them on their social feed: @sts_coachcam.


Talent Tuesday: Jürgen Weinczok


Interview by: Matthew Pedias

SAAC: “Tell us a little bit about yourself, age, favourite club, position, anything you can name off the top of your head.”

Jürgen Weinczok: “I’m 15-years-old, I’ve been playing with IFC (International Futbol Club) since IFC has been in SAAC, so it’s been three odd years or so in SAAC. IFC, I’ve been with them since 2009 and it’s been a great experience. My favourite team is Bayern Munich, I’m part German part Canadian, so that’s where the love comes from for Bayern. My dad’s always been a Bayern supporter, I’ve always been a Bayern supporter, my brother is a Dortmund fan [laughs], so in the house it’s kind of awkward, but that’s a little about me.

SAAC: “What position do you play?”

Jürgen: “I play centre-midfield.”

SAAC: “Why did you take up soccer as a child? Would you say it is because of your dad’s love for Bayern Munich?”

Jürgen: “No, I started soccer because I remember watching it as a kid and I always remember I was in love with players like Michael Ballack, how they played, how they had so much fun and there wasn’t too much that interested me in the rest of my life such as school [laughs] and stuff like that. So, I just looked at soccer I said this would be a perfect opportunity to you know, have a bit of fun. I never thought it would come this far, but I looked at it as a kid and I was just like ‘wow.’”

SAAC: “I’m sorry in advance about the 2006 World Cup Semifinal then, cause I’m half Italian, so sorry about that!”

Jürgen: “[Laugh] Italy is Germany’s bogie team.”

SAAC: “It’s so true. Alright, so you mentioned Michael Ballack, would you say he is one of your idols growing up? Who was your definite idol growing up, who did you emulate?”

Jürgen: “Probably him. Michael Ballack. Another player I looked up seriously too, he doesn’t play in my position but I always loved was, a player by the name of, [he’s] not even German, Thierry Henry. I always loved Henry. Just the power and the complete control he had was just amazing. He was like an all-around striker, one of the first I had seen.”

SAAC: “So, tell us about the main attributes you possess as a player. What makes you stand out from anybody else that could be in SAAC or in IFC?”

Jürgen: “So one of things, you know, every IFC players is a very good player, I respect everyone. One of the things that I show a lot is my sportsmanship, my leadership, my determination, my drive. You know how hard I go for the ball; how much I fight. Passion is another thing I have for the sport that drives me seriously on the pitch. If you’re talking about skills, probably passing and control are my two fortes. Powerful shot and that’s pretty much me. Powerful shot, passing and control those are my three biggest powers or attributes that I have.”

SAAC: “[IFC Director] Frank tells us you’ve been a player in SAAC since 2013, how did SAAC help you on that path?”

Jürgen: “I think SAAC did a very very good job in helping me, especially develop as a youth player into the player I am today. I mean, the journey has just begun, but I think SAAC is a league that is completely different from the typical Canadian league, and I think SAAC is very good for other players as well. I think SAAC is amazing because unlike the rep leagues in Canada, SAAC helps develop players into better players, into players that can possibly stay in the sport. SAAC makes them into better players for tomorrow, as we say. Not for today and rep tends to just stay a little on today. So, that’s why I like SAAC so much, that’s why I enjoy it so much.”

Jurgen SAAC Interview

“SAAC: Why don’t you go ahead and describe your overall experience at IFC. You said you’ve been there since 2009.”

Jürgen: “The IFC experience has been incredible overall. We have went to Italy twice. I have had all these teammates over the years, I’ve seen the team I was one of the first guys there and, um, it’s been incredible. I have seen the team develop right from the start to where we are today and we’ve come along way. We’ve come from large defeats to big victories and it’s incredible with IFC. Especially in 2009, everyone was so young at age eight [or] nine, and growing up with these guys is an absolute pleasure. It’s great to see Pepe come along with his English and it’s great to see Frank do the same. It’s amazing to see how everyone’s matured.”

SAAC: “Would you say that IFC’s model within SAAC is what’s helping you develop more?”

Jürgen: “Yeah it definitely is. That’s why he said that they pulled me out of rep for that exact thing. And I think through SAAC and through IFC that’s what’s helped me get this opportunity. The journey is not over, it’s just started. IFC is really helping me and through SAAC and through all these opportunities, through this development, rather than just winning the next game and focusing on tactics for winning the next game. Through IFC, who trains you to be the player that you are when your 18, 19 even 20 for your whole career, that’s really what SAAC and IFC are really helping you to do.”

SAAC: “What were a few of your best moments while being a part of SAAC?”

Jürgen: “I don’t want to say things like goals, but I think just the overall development, watching other teams develop as well. It makes me proud to see that my team is not the one that is recognizing the European style and I think that with SAAC is the greatest thing, to see that other players are developing the same as us. I think that’s one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had with SAAC.”

SAAC: “Tell us all about your trip to Germany, which teams did you try out for?”

Jürgen: “So, I tried out with four teams. I tried out with, the one that I’m going back to now, which is Eintracht Trier. I tried out with [SpVgg] Unterhaching, I tried out with [SV] Elversberg and I tried out with Bayern Munich. The most successful of the four being [Eintracht] Trier. That’s where I’m going back to now to play with the U17 team. There’s other windows open, but that’s the one I was [proudest] with and the one I liked the most and did the best at.”

SAAC: “Well, you answered my next question. I was going to say is there any good news you’d like to share with SAAC?”

Jürgen: “That was one of the big ones. Another big one is just training with Bayern Munich, it’s an absolute pleasure. Just playing with the different teams is just absolutely amazing. I feel absolutely honoured that I have this opportunity and it’s an absolute honour that these teams are looking at a young, Canadian kid and saying ‘hey, he’s got a bit of talent, let’s bring him over here.’”

SAAC: “We try to ask this to anyone who’s played overseas, what would you say is the biggest difference between Canadian soccer and European futbol?”

Jürgen: “I think the one biggest difference that I noticed, I remember seeing it a lot more in rep [soccer] than I have in SAAC. SAAC there is very little of this, but in rep [soccer] it’s mainly this. They played almost as if it’s is a job. It’s almost like they HAVE to play it. They HAVE to perform or else people get angry. It’s almost the same if you would be working at Nike or something. If you don’t sell something, the manager gets angry at you. If you don’t perform in Soccer here in the rep systems, then your parent and coach gets mad at you. In Germany, it’s a game. It’s completely different then here in Canada. Not even here in Canada, here in the rep leagues where there saying it’s a job you have to perform or you’re off the team. In Germany, it’s the game. If you don’t enjoy it, then you’re off the team, right? They take it as a game, and that’s why they have so much more fun, that’s why they are not afraid to make mistakes. That’s why I see the development there is so much greater than in Canada. It’s because they love it. They’re not afraid of losing the ball, they’re not afraid of losing a header or losing a goal or game. They’ll take a loss in a game if they know they have to improve on something.”

SAAC: “Now that you’ve witnessed European futbol first hand, what do you think Canada has to do to reach that same level?”

Jürgen: “This goes back to one of the points I already stated earlier, and it’s that we here in Canada, it’s not about the training, it’s all about the mindset first. Mindset comes first, train them to love the sport, don’t train them to be afraid of it. So, that’s the first biggest thing that I think is lacking in Canadian futbol. Kids are afraid of making mistakes, afraid of their parents beating them or something or their coaches yelling at them if they make these mistakes. The coaches and players have to learn they need to make mistakes; they learn from mistakes. They also need to learn the basics as well first. I find that a lot of training in Canada they skip the basics. That’s one of the biggest things that I think Canadian futbol needs to improve on and I think it’s pretty easy to improve on as well. It could be done very quickly.”

SAAC: “Alright, we’ll calm it down a bit and do some fun stuff! If you could play alongside any professional player in the world, who would it be and why? I’ll let you pick one from the past and present.”

Jürgen: “From the past I would probably once again say Michael Ballack. Just watching him as a child was absolutely incredible. He did things that I haven’t seen other players do ever. Us playing alongside the two centre defensive midfielders roles or the two attacking midfielders roles would be absolutely incredible. That would be a dream come true. [Laughs] It’s not going to happen but, that would be incredible, having a midfielder that is just the perfect midfielder.”

SAAC: “Correct me if my knowledge is wrong, but wasn’t Ballack no. 13?”

Jürgen: “He was no. 13, yes.”

SAAC: “Is that why you wear no. 13?”

Jürgen: “[Laughs] yeah, that’s the reason why I wear 13! For present players, I would say probably Toni Kroos, that’s a player that I can relate most to, that’s a player that I have the exact same player style as. He’s got a great shot, good passing, good control, amazing vision of the game and we play the same position. That’s another player I’d love to play alongside if I could.”

SAAC: “Kroos is an incredible player. Finally, what is your dream as a soccer player. What clubs, what trophies?”

Jürgen: “My overall dream is to do extremely well in the sport. I’m not going to put down winning the Champions League trophy, there’s a bit of luck to that as well. It would be absolutely amazing if we did get to that point, but my dream is to basically break the first team, get into the national team. That would be a dream come true. Play for Bayern Munich on their first team, that for me is a dream come true, just breaking in and playing there.”

SAAC: “Well, we wish you the best of luck on that, Jürgen!”

Jürgen: “Thank you very much.”


We want to thank Jürgen for taking the time to speak with SAAC and wish him the best of luck in Germany with Eintracht Trier.


TFC II Partner with International Football Club

The International Football Club proudly announced today the hosting of four player clinics, winter camps and MLS professional experiences for TFC II based out of Vaughan, Ontario in 2015.  This exclusive partnership will focus on youth talent development in Canada’s ever growing soccer market.
We are very excited to be hosting TFC II clinics + camps on our training grounds at the Vaughan Sportsplex II. This is the first time a SAAC Academy has formed a development partnership in Vaughan, and it will be an appropriate collaboration as we continue to develop and expose our student-athletes to international standards of football.