FC Durham and Toronto Skillz talk CoachCam

SAAC: October 4th

In July, Soccer Academy Alliance Canada announced a working partnership with CoachCam. Since then, some of the academies within our membership have had the opportunity to use the app in their day-to-day soccer activities.

Rocky Sasitharan, FC Durham’s Girls Director of Player Development has been working with the CoachCam app for over a month and spoke very highly of the different options within the application. “I will say the different illustration options that can be incorporated in the footage is top class. Lots of different animations and lines really covers all the bases in that respect and allows the user to really be able to show what they want to show using the specific animation.”


Meanwhile, Toronto Skillz Academy Director Jake Doodnath has been using CoachCam as an aid to help his players make better decisions on the ball.

“We have been using the Coach Cam software as a visual training aid for our players. This tool allows us to provide positive feedback and show the player different options that could have been chosen in a particular situation. Another benefit has been sharing information within our coaching staff, the videos allow coaches to share thoughts and also discuss corrections made to players during training.”


For more information on CoachCam, please visit their website and follow them on their social feed: @sts_coachcam.


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