ANB take 6th at French Tournament


SAAC Academy, ANB Futbol finished in 6th place out of 24 teams at the Challenge de Champagne Tournament in France. ANB was also awarded the tournaments best coaching staff. On behalf of everyone at SAAC, we congratulate them on a successful trip.

ANB Team Roster:

  • Alexander Markou
  • Alexander Ilie
  • Adam Rustami
  • Kayden Jetha
  • Jonathan Ingram
  • Denys Verbinsky
  • Kian Pourbakhtiani (GK)
  • Callum Young
  • Pasha Mohmedi
  • Thomas Masson
  • Noah Longo
  • Aaron Ameeriar – Scored most goals for ANB Futbol, 4 in total – Congrats.
  • Daniel Jebbison
  • Andrea Nguionza


  • Bassam N: Head of Delegation and Head Coach
  • Sue PQ: Team Manager
  • Mary LR: Team Manager

ANB player on trial at Troyes:

  • Victor De Giorgio

Victor injured his right abductor ligament after the second trial session. He will be invited to another trial to Troyes sometime in August of this year, as he has impressed the club and coaches with his performances in the first two sessions.

Here is a technical report from academy director, Bassam Naim.

Pre-Tournament Preparation:

  • Short window of training time using the 8v8,  leading up to the tournament.
  • Classroom session/organization meeting was needed and helpful.
  • Better understanding of the physical and tactical requirements of the tournament.

Preparation at Destination – Troyes, France:

  • Two training sessions and one game (3 periods x 15 minutes) were helpful for players to acclimatize.
  • Rainy weather did not allow for enough outdoors activities, but players were active inside game room.
  • Players hydrated often, additional water bottles were purchased the second day of arrival.

Conditions & Environment:

  • Having the extra days to adjust from travelling is very necessary.
  • Time change, sleep conditions as well as nutrition and hydration, played a role during the first few days.

8 vs. 8 Game:

  • Most of the players adjusted to the 8v8 game tactically. Pre-tournament preparation game vs. Estac Troyes U-13 program was very helpful.
  • Emotional stress lead to some players breaking down at times, but overall players performance was good.
  • Few nervous players, unable to breathe properly and signs of panic during the games.
  • Hydration was monitored as enough water was provided.
  • Speed of play was an issue. Players tend to take too much time and additional touches in making decisions, allowing the opposition to press them and take the ball away.
  • Regardless of size, the opposition was quick and aggressive, not fearing challenges from anyone.
  • Game time, pressure and opposition closing space, resulted in lack of understanding among players from game-to-game.

Final Comments from Bassam:

Living in a true futbol culture, growing up in a professional environment and witnessing how youth players are formed daily for the pro-level, are a continuous eye opener and great lesson for our players and management.

Thank you to all players and coaching team for representing our academy and great country proudly. All in all, it was a great experience for the players to be living, training and playing alongside youth players who have ambitions of becoming future pros some day, in a country that has already won the World Cup, Euro Cup and place second in the world for producing professional futbol players .

ANB Futbol’s second experience at the “Challenge De Champagne” in France, has proven to be more fruitful than its first one. Congratulations to all.



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